Ideas come to life at Hudson Arthaus.

Studios, digital suite & gallery. Whatever your artistic passion, Hudson Arthaus is designed for it. There’s space to work and exhibit, tools and equipment to share and even academics and fellow artists with whom you can consult and plan. It’s a place without boundaries—so let your creativity free.


Managed by Collar Works, the gallery exists to promote and exhibit non-commercial fine arts. In addition to pieces produced by Hudson Arthaus residents, the gallery will also feature local, regional and national art.

14 Studio/Storage spaces

Ready for most any project, these shared areas are for sculpting, painting, carving—whatever. These 14 spaces consist of 5 daily use and 9 monthly use spaces.

Digital suite

Creativity via pixels. Use one of the 4 computers­—both Apple and PC— to create your own digital designs or research the internet for information and sources to inform your work.

Building History

A Key Part of Troy's Proud Heritage

Originally built in 1895, the building was home to Van Zandt, Jacobs and Company.  It was a major part of why Troy earned the moniker ‘Collar City’—and this lineage is why the building is now on the National Registry of Historic Places.